Not a Jackal.

...a Nackal.

Hello my habibis. This isn’t a normal Jackal, although one is coming on Monday. I just wanted to let you all know that I had a piece published online here. No, I didn’t choose the headline, although I did give it the OK.

Another thing: A couple weeks ago, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and a few other pro-Trump election lawyers were sanctioned by a District Court judge in Michigan. Her order is pretty long (about 110 pages), so I highlighted the good parts and made some notes to make for easier reading. I uploaded a copy of that here. In short, the judge found the pro-Trump attorneys to be acting in bad faith, so she ordered them to pay the attorney fees for the city of Detroit, do 12 hours of re-education on how elections work (lol), and suggested that their respected State Bar associations consider them for disbarment. She also systematically debunked every argument about election fraud that they presented, and highlighted their poor research.

As I’ve said before, I’ll never charge for the Jackal. But since I did a nice thing and uploaded that document, maybe you could take what you’d theoretically spend on a Jackal subscription (about $5) and donate it to the Denver Rescue Mission as they wrap up their fundraising quarter.

I’ll see all of you on Monday.