Another quick note.

I wanted to make a quick observation, because I will likely forget about it, but it is notable that Matt Drudge has done a complete 180 on President Trump. If you’re not familiar with Drudge, an extremely long story made incredibly short: He broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal during Bill Clinton’s Presidency and has since been a go-to news aggregator for conservative media. For a long time from 2000-2012ish, a Drudge link to your blog/website could establish you as a household conservative name. Even though many liberals disliked his politics, Drudge helped shaped the blogosphere.

His influence faded as Twitter became more dominant, but Drudge pulling a heel turn on Trump is still significant. I said last week that punditry is sometimes bad, because a lot of it is old white guys who remember things too well. But Drudge has always had a nose for an intriguing story and has an ability to take a pulse of where the country is at in ways that other journalists can’t. If politics were just a numbers game, then we’d all be statisticians; there is a reason people pay attention to Drudge. And it’s worth noting that he communicates regularly with conservatives in office and in media.

Knowing him, he could change. But the shift has been going on for almost a year now. Something to think about.

As for the strokes? Fun story: Two weeks ago I asked a doctor whether or not he thought Trump had experienced a stroke. Take from that what you will.